NEOMED, s.r.o.
Gaštanova 2, 066 01, SLOVAKIA 

Tel.: ++421/57/788 4222


skype: neomed49
About us

NEOMED company limited was set up in 1997 and since it has been in the market of  dental equipments.
During that time the company NEOMED s.r.o. has been developing and manufacturing  stomatological units marked ARIA known their untraditional design, combining glass,  metal and plastic.
The equipment is not only the unit but thanks to the unique features offers the clients an  aesthetic complement as well.
The company follows the newest development trends in dentistry and continously  innovates its products and launch them in better technical levels. The base idea of  development is the ability to perform specific requirements of the clients, flexible and  professionally.
The products are marked by CE mark that assures quality, high technical level,  reliability and safety. The company is persistently reviewed according to the standards  of ISO 9001:2008, 13485:2003.
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