ARIA Excell SR 6N

Untraditional attractive design combining glass, metal and plastic this is unmistakable feature of dental units ARIA. Pure, aesthetics lines, fresh colours as well various motives designed by individual customer ś request allow to create not only the unit for professional work but thanks to that a unique part of complement.
All that and practicable technical solutions improve the productivity in the dental office, increase the daily efficiency and at last make a pleasant enviroment for users and patients.
Dentist element Excell 6N
• hanging hoses version
• fitted up to 6 instruments sitting in sensor holders with well-knit internal surface that in comparison with micro - switch version holders are protected against dust storing and failure
• comfortable instrument removal and replacement
• 2 stainless trays of autoclavable sizes
ARIA Prima SR 5N
Dentist´s touch control panel - a space comfortable one, sensor touch buttons with easy settings of all instrument functions and chair´s control manually as well programmable positions, visible indication of power output.
The button for hygiene in combination with a negatoscop viewer allows to disinfect the panelś surface without accidently intrument´s activation.
Dentist element Prima SR 5N
• swinging hoses version
• fitted up to 5 instruments sitting on the swinging holders
• easy guidance with any pull-back effect thanks to optimal weigh balance of instrument and hosing system
• comfortable handling with no eye control back instrument placement
ARIA Excell SR 5N

ARIA SR offers 2 versions of assistent´s element: standard one on water unit fitted up to 3 instruments and moveable one with in - and outwards movement, comfortable treatment by two hands without necessity of assistant presence, double - articulated arm for flexible positioning.
Proper integration of unit-specific solutions, simple design of water unit with easy access to water bottle /suction system/ amalgam separator system saves time.

Dentist element Excell SR 5N
• flexible version of hanging hoses system
• configuration of 5 instruments
• autoclavable integrated stainless tray
ARIA Ortho
The stylish and ergonomically shaped patient chair ensures maximum comfort for patients and users. Optional are available a right arm rest, a simultaneous movement of backrest and seat.
• 3 automatic positions, rinsing position / last position, safe and comfortable positioning, even in extreme treatment situations, powerful and smooth running motors for seat and backrest, smooth - seamless upholstery, easy to clean and disinfect, flexible regulation of, dentists operating elements and assistant operating elements via foot control
Ortho dentist´s element
• the dentist´s element is replaced by a large space for putting aside instruments with a double orthodontic tray on a pantographic arm.
• the surface for putting aside instruments may include two sterilizable trays made of stainless steel